Thursday, November 15, 2012

On Forbes - Premier League Table Predictions (Post Match Day 11)

The Premier League has now completed 11 matches, which means they're slightly over a quarter of the way through the season.  I took a look at each team's odds of finishing in each table position, and wrote a post at Forbes based upon my findings.  Enjoy!

Sounder At Heart - Forget The Numbers: A View On The MLS Conference Semifinals

Two weeks ago I was asked to write a piece for Sounder at Heart on the Sounder's chances of making it to the MLS Cup and my overall thoughts on the team.  Previous to the post I had debuted my attempt at a predictive model that attempted to forecast who would make it to the end of the 2012 MLS Cup playoffs, which has been pretty much wrong this playoff cycle.  In that piece I explained why I felt the Sounders were a long shot to make and win the Cup, and yet why I very rarely listen to the numbers when I enjoy watching the Sounders.  Read the post if you want to see me take some very fair lumps and perhaps understand my love for the sport beyond the numbers.